Day 157 California Educator

I am a California Educator.   The morning tech fear is slowly subsiding. My principal just spent 10 minutes getting my Google Calendar synched with the other teacher’s calendars. It was an easy fix for her but something I had been trying to do for three days. Teachers, like parents, [...]

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Day 147 Instill a love of learning

It’s Monday the day after the “film festival”. Usually I spend the morning by myself wrestling SONOMAWOOD from its spot on the horseshoe to its resting place next to my art room. Usually this happens in March. Usually is no longer. Students help build and install the 10-foot letters but [...]

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Day 139 Rocky

It’s time.   Remember Rocky? Not the 1.6 billion dollar franchise or the later career of Sly Stallone who I heard is coming out with a new movie this fall where he fights a powerful white supremacist leader who is secretly planning to take over the world with Russia’s help. [...]

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Day 128 Jack of Hearts

    My favorite place is on the bottom of pile seven. No real reason except that usually when human gets to the bottom of pile seven he is about to win the game. I guess I like to matter, I mean, I could jump out quickly, first pile, first [...]

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    Well, this is not getting much better. I just spent Sunday waiting for the little alien to burst from my stomach just like in the movie. Could have been stress or the bad decision to lead a wine tour on Saturday or something I ate or COVID exposure [...]

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Day 112 School

Gavin Newsom Tony Thurmond Dr. Sundari Mase   Dear California Leaders,   We simply cannot open schools right now. Just read the SVUSD and Santa Rosa plans for returning to the classroom and I see no way to create “a low risk environment for students and staff” (the #1 essential [...]

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Day 109 Government

Awareness + Action = Change.   What is the role of government? Think big picture for a minute, like how your day progresses from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Do you like roads and schools and laws or are you pining for the [...]

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Day 90 History

I’m going to go a step further. Shocking right, like I’ve been holding back up to this point. But it’s time to wipe the chalkboard clean and make that new path forward we’ve been talking about for so long.   See, history, if you didn’t know this already, is made [...]

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Day 81 Empathy

  Friday at 1:00 I hit the Meet app button on my phone to end my final virtual office hours. I have already entered grades and independent study credits so I send a final email to my office manager and breathe a big sigh of relief. We graduated 16 at [...]

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Day 73 Hate

    Are you feeling scared and powerless? Like society’s grip on sanity is slowly slipping away with each peaceful protest that turns violent and destroys a community already nearly destroyed by the virus. It’s like we’re kicking ourselves when we’re down. I mean, have you watched the confrontations between [...]

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