Only boring people get bored

    Tuck and I are driving to Deepak’s place (Nicholson Ranch Winery) to pick up a used wine barrel so that I can follow through on my latest idea. This one came from a combination of coaching the SVHS boy’s tennis team and working daily with an adolescent population [...]

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Last Great American Band

    More hyped than Ja Rule at the Fyre Festival, more attention grabbing than Lady Gaga at Cochella, more innovative than Lorde at Life is Beautiful in Vegas; Profits Over People has begun their world tour, taking the nation by storm.   Their two monster hits, “I fought the [...]

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Every day is your birthday

    “Has anyone ever told you that you look just like that Miles guy from Sideways?” We’re in the Buena Vista tasting room, the first stop of the day on our Saturday wine tour, and Fran, the ex-military hottie from Utah, is thinking she is giving me a complement. [...]

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Pizza, civility and lifelong tennis learners

We’re number two! We're number two!   OK, so the chant is not as catchy as we’re number one but does it really matter? Is dominating a sport/team/country/world actually what it is all about? Is being #1 more important than being #2? Is that just what all the #2’s say? [...]

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Bad Art and Inspiration

  It’s a drizzly Wednesday at the Jack Rabbit picnic area at Spring Lake Park and Ryan is the one kid who is really getting it. I am coordinating Station 6 at the 29th Annual Math Steeplechase, “A fun day for students to show off their math and problem solving [...]

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Exit the Habitual

  It’s big project time in Social Responsibility class because why not? We’re all going to get old and die, might as well have as much impact on the world as possible. This little habitrail we’re all living in day after day is super important, yes, but let’s think for [...]

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SIFF 2017: Movies Heal

  Monday, 2:00 and I’m having my own one-man parade through downtown Sonoma. I have a four-foot emerald birthday cake strapped to the top of my truck and I’m returning it from SIFF VILLAGE to Creekside, I like the attention so I do an extra victory lap around the plaza. [...]

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Create, don’t destroy: ‘Sonomawood’ is only the beginning

Create don’t destroy. It’s a simple message I tell my art students nearly every day, yet sometimes when I leave the classroom I come back to pencils thrown across the room, projects torn apart and that wood section that was just cut to fit the side of the four-foot cake [...]

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The real reason why “A day without immigrants” made teaching easier

Let’s talk teacher for a moment. I believe I’ve explained my personal view ad nausea , so now let’s talk Betsy Devos and the LA6. Course you know that Betsy is our new Secretary of Education, and a threat to American education, not surprisingly paralleling her mentor DT (who I [...]

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When A Wall Is Not A Bridge But A Bigger Wall

Just shut up and teach Walt.   Friday was a special occasion. Having Brad Gilbert there, hitting balls with the SVHS Tennis Team, a dedication from mayor Rachel Hundley where she talked about the importance of building bridges, press coverage from all the papers, the administration from both Sonoma High [...]

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