The world is big and you are small – to my daughter on her 18th birthday

Big ups to you, my princess. 18 years ago you came into this world, a DNA hybrid of your mother (analytical, right brain, organized, responsible) and me (rebellious, left brained, disorganized, irresponsible). We blinked and now we are here, celebrating your transition from reliance to independence. Are you ready? Yes [...]

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Surf Camp Sonoma – Better Than Pokemon Go?

  While the comedic leafblower debate rages into its twenty-third year,  and all of Sonoma surrenders their personal information so they can catch a Nidorian, a group of select students are in the Sonoma Museum experiencing camp Wabi Sabi. In the writing studio on Monday, students began by thinking about [...]

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One day we’ll sell and it will all be worth it

Addition on the house, check, new roof, necessary, turn the old garage into a new studio, sure, put a bathroom on it, yes, new kitchen, no problem, OK but when will we be done? It’s always the projects. Summertime means the living is a little easier. No whining, [...]

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Smart kids eventually get it

“I was gonna clean my room until I got high. I was gonna get up and find the broom but then I got high. My room is still messed up and I know why Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.” -Afroman, “Because I got [...]

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John is dead – How to kill your nom de plume and get things done

"I never listened to those teachers who said you can do anything you want in life but since becoming one, I want my students to know that their potential is limited only by their willingness to do the necessary work." We met in high school, he being the [...]

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Bad teacher seeks $200M to turn SDC into a dream school

Here's an idea, let's turn Sonoma Development Center into a school for the future, the Ischool. (Photo: Erik Castro for Sonoma Magazine) By Walt Williams For Standard #2 of the Sonoma Valley Unified School District Certificated Personnel Evaluation, I received an Overall Standard Rating of I (Improvement Recommended) [...]

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How to survive the daily excrement pool

  Excrement pool By Walt Williams   Today’s lesson is all about the excrement pool. Some days the pool is big, some days small but it is always there especially if you happen to be a sensitive teenager on social media with an underdeveloped filter for the world. Each day [...]

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A day in San Quentin

A day in San Quentin By Walt Williams It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Lumpy is nervous. Partially from the years of meth, which make him twitch and move his head around constantly kinda like a bird looking for food, and partially, because he knows he may be out in [...]

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Blogs are for suckers

Blogs are for suckers by Walt Williams   I don’t give a shit about your Chalupa. This is an ongoing joke with my wife and I about the banality of people who blog about ridiculous things. She was at lunch with a friend who actually stopped mid conversation when the [...]

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