Old school, new school, my school, you school

Dear Chuck,   Welcome! Can I call you Chuck? I hope so, Mr. Young is so formal and in 25 years of educating in Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Sonoma I always strive to be on a first name basis with administrators and superintendents because it’s much easier to [...]

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50 blogs about a small town

    I’m killing it in Russia. Apparently, some of the drug words used in this blog-Finasteride, Ketamine, Viagra, Fentanyl, Sour Diesel (Yes, pot is a drug you stoner) trigger Russian vice sites which led to 300 comments in a language I know very little about. Either that or I [...]

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The greatest float you’ve never seen in Sonoma 4th of July this year

July 4, 2017 The parade had already started when the screen door rolled up and I slowly pull my truck out of the garage on First Street East. I roll past the line of red, white, and blue clad celebrants like a slow moving death mobile from the movie Animal [...]

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All hail the Man Code

    “The man code is strong with the boys. It says simply that if you make a commitment to someone or something you honor it. Wedding vows are at the top of the list but other things, like following through on promises, are also included. When someone breaks the [...]

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Nick Bolletteiri: Original baller

“Oh, the evil is out there, and it is strong kids. You have to make the right choice every day, say no to drugs and alcohol and yes to life and all it has to offer.” You are standing behind tennis coaching legend Nick Bolletteiri and you can’t help but [...]

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Thanks Lou Car

    You were vacationing in Santa Cruz Tuesday when you got the text from a friend. He wanted to know what you think about Superintendent Carlomagno because a friend of his in Hillsborough is curious. You wonder why somebody in Hillsborough wants this information but you don’t think too [...]

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Only boring people get bored

    Tuck and I are driving to Deepak’s place (Nicholson Ranch Winery) to pick up a used wine barrel so that I can follow through on my latest idea. This one came from a combination of coaching the SVHS boy’s tennis team and working daily with an adolescent population [...]

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Last Great American Band

    More hyped than Ja Rule at the Fyre Festival, more attention grabbing than Lady Gaga at Cochella, more innovative than Lorde at Life is Beautiful in Vegas; Profits Over People has begun their world tour, taking the nation by storm.   Their two monster hits, “I fought the [...]

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Every day is your birthday

    “Has anyone ever told you that you look just like that Miles guy from Sideways?” We’re in the Buena Vista tasting room, the first stop of the day on our Saturday wine tour, and Fran, the ex-military hottie from Utah, is thinking she is giving me a complement. [...]

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Pizza, civility and lifelong tennis learners

We’re number two! We're number two!   OK, so the chant is not as catchy as we’re number one but does it really matter? Is dominating a sport/team/country/world actually what it is all about? Is being #1 more important than being #2? Is that just what all the #2’s say? [...]

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