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Walt Williams does not represent all teachers or coaches or husbands or fathers. He has opinions but they are his own. He started writing this blog years ago because he had something to say, he's not so sure anymore. He has never had an editor (not too surprising if you've read his stuff) and he is entering the final quarter of life wanting nothing more than future generations to be able to see and appreciate the miracle of being alive.

Newsom/Whitmer 2024

Do your job America.   Well, it happened, the front runner has officially jumped the shark. I’d love to chalk it up to stuttering, having a cold, a bad day, or any of the other excuses floating online since the debate but what was proven was America’s worst fear (and [...]

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Good news by the numbers

Tired of feeling crappy about how things are going?   Homeostasis means that we have to keep balanced and when I read back on much of what I’ve written this year I realized,   “Wow, when did I turn into negative Nelly?”   Well, that ends now. And, since this [...]

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Environmental leadership

The needs of today overpowering the fears of tomorrow.   It would cost about 3Gs for my trip of choice this summer. The flight to Teahupo’o at the end of July, a week in a bungalow on the beach and tickets to the Olympic surfing competition. Possible? Sure, but doubtful. [...]

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Never powerless

D couldn’t have known.   Friday afternoon and things were a little off. I ride home after a frustrating meeting and week where the irritations were overpowering the joys. Usually, I can reset my mood by the time I turn right at the plaza, cruising on my trusty Schwinn Typhoon [...]

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Andrew Yang in Sonoma

Dear Andrew Yang,   Welcome to Sonoma! Sorry we couldn’t swing a visit to my math class at Creekside but the only time you had available was Tuesday morning when we are doing our “Publictransportationpalooza” to San Francisco (bus to ferry, ferry to BART, BART to mission murals, cable car [...]

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We were at the Vintage High Tennis Courts in Napa when the text came through. It was a Tuesday about 11:00 and my boys had just finished their matches in the Vine Valley doubles tournament.   “We are approved to install the sign as soon as you are free to [...]

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Superman aint coming

Last Monday was inspiring as a teacher, especially if you live to make the real-life connections I try to do in the classroom. Astronomy is not only a perfect science gateway but a cross-curricular bonanza.   In Art we made pinhole boxes, Biology was for studying the eye and why [...]

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A SIFF 2024 story

8:00 Friday morning and I’m feeling a little off. I bike to the community center before class to pick up my truck which I left last night after getting a ride to “Wicked Little Letters” at the Veterans Hall. This is how we roll during SIFF, park the cars in [...]

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The Cult of Biden

The Cult of Biden   Sure, it’s not as pronounced as the cult of that other guy but can we talk without bias for a minute. The country is not getting any cheaper, rent and gas prices are up, the move to sustainable energy is moving way too slowly, immigration [...]

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Gratitude for Val Robichaud

Thanks Val.   Val was one of the first recipients of “Gratitude Friday”. It was a way for me to thank community members who were unsung heros doing the work, helping make Sonoma the unique, amazing little town it is. Val was the force behind “The Communities Independent Voice” that [...]

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