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GP10 rules. And no, that’s not a misprint about my favorite fallen Golden State Warrior Gary Payton the second, it is the final grading period for Creekside High School where we break each semester into 5 periods. Grading Period 10 is the last five weeks of the year and while [...]

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Restore Justice

  By now, you’re probably team Rock or team Smith or team I-just-want-it-to-go-away, believing that the “Slap heard round the world” should be blamed on either a comic going too far or an actor in need of some serious anger management.   I, of course, turned the episode into classroom [...]

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Anxiety and U(kraine)

Do everything you can   8:00 Saturday morning, the first day of Spring Break and my anxiety is through the roof.   Not sure about you, but there are just too many things to be anxious about these days from COVID to War to tennis coaching to preparing the SONOMAWOOD [...]

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Shared space

    Micro or macro, walking the Sonoma Developmental Center or understanding the world, it’s all about shared space.   Here’s a little quiz from my morning: You are walking your dog around the rez at the SDC, it’s your happy place and you walk it at least once a [...]

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Fear death more

Health matters in 2022   The Verano hill is my COVID test.   I pull over at the Ray Carrillo memorial gold wheelbarrow and dig my balaclava out of my backpack because my nose is cold (Raynaud’s disease according to my internet medical degree) and I’ve learned that if I’m [...]

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Christmas morning

Christmas morning is magic. When you wake up tomorrow, whatever the circumstances, know that you are amazingly lucky to be who you are, have what you have and live like you live.   Know that the rain is not a frustration to be dealt with but a gift from an [...]

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Do stuff and be present

  Think of me as the waiter from Monty Python’s philosophy scene in “The Meaning of Life” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa0bCzwSNA0.   Would you care for something to talk about?   First, let’s go with the loaded stuff and how we can converse this holiday without offending.   Hah! Just kidding, there’s no [...]

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Real Time

May 2022 on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher   “He’s a teacher from a small town in Northern California and his new book is causing some upset in education circles mostly for it’s raw view of what goes on in classrooms but also for his radical prescription [...]

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Evolution, it’s a thing

Evolution is always a tough unit to teach in Biology. Course, it shouldn’t be, just talk about fossils and Darwin and relative dating and show the Kahn Academy video, “Evolution, it’s a thing”, assess the kids for understanding and call it a day. This year I went deeper because I [...]

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The new cigarette

Facebook is the new cigarette, social media is the new cigarette, the oil industry is the new cigarette, the plastic industry is the new cigarette.   Remember cigarettes, delicious and recommended in the 60’s by 4 out of 5 doctors, a natural tobacco product grown from the earth able to [...]

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