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Real Time

May 2022 on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher   “He’s a teacher from a small town in Northern California and his new book is causing some upset in education circles mostly for it’s raw view of what goes on in classrooms but also for his radical prescription [...]

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Evolution, it’s a thing

Evolution is always a tough unit to teach in Biology. Course, it shouldn’t be, just talk about fossils and Darwin and relative dating and show the Kahn Academy video, “Evolution, it’s a thing”, assess the kids for understanding and call it a day. This year I went deeper because I [...]

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The new cigarette

Facebook is the new cigarette, social media is the new cigarette, the oil industry is the new cigarette, the plastic industry is the new cigarette.   Remember cigarettes, delicious and recommended in the 60’s by 4 out of 5 doctors, a natural tobacco product grown from the earth able to [...]

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Fill your Tank

Are you adapting? Have you realized that the new normal will be a little difficult because change is difficult? Or maybe not, maybe your life balance is just fine and you think the snowflakes need to just stop whining and put on their big boy pants.   It’s a beautiful [...]

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Want to know just how off the rails things have gotten, there’s an organized and sanctioned rally in Washington this weekend called, “Justice for J6” put on by people who apparently think the fallout from January 6 was too harsh.   It was not harsh enough in my book. If [...]

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    9/11 changed us. I mean, duh, you know all the historical stuff like Homeland Security and The Taliban and Bin Laden and The War on Terror and even Freedom Fries but the real change came the day after.   On 9/12 we decided to get back up. If [...]

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Week 1: Speculas and Shredded Phones

Whew, what a difference a week makes.   Are you back on the hamster wheel? Have you returned to work and thought there would be no problem going from 0 to 60 and resuming the frantic pace of our frantic lifestyles? I have and I have some stories to share. [...]

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COVID is the enemy, not each other

I should be fishing   Wednesday morning my daughter comes home crying. She has been housesitting for a friend and just learned she is positive for COVID. Yes, we are all vaccinated, yes, we are firm believers in science, yes, we wear masks indoors, and yes, we have followed the [...]

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The Twisties

Be Nikita   Are you watching the Olympics? Did you see our local superstar BMX freestyle rider Nikita Ducarroz kill it in Tokyo on Saturday? Has she inspired you?   It was great to see Simone Biles overcome the twisties and medal in the balance beam. More impressive was her [...]

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Intrinsic Rewards

  Sure, we all want to be Sam. Not literally, of course, but my dog Sam has the easy life. A balanced healthy diet appears every morning in his bowl, a daily run/walk to Larson Park or around the Rez or to Stinson beach, and the rest of the time [...]

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