Do your job America.


Well, it happened, the front runner has officially jumped the shark. I’d love to chalk it up to stuttering, having a cold, a bad day, or any of the other excuses floating online since the debate but what was proven was America’s worst fear (and the worst fear of the Democratic party) that J’Biden is simply not competent to hold the most important office in the world.


Forget the next four years, I’m worried about the next three months. Didn’t we learn from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Dianne Feinstein, two incredible political forces who did much for the democratic cause then did not leave office before they tainted their impact on history. Sure, getting old sucks but getting old without acknowledging that your mental capacity is diminishing (naturally, as a normal part of aging) is worse.


And let’s be honest about the day after reaction where Joe was seemingly a different person surrounded by sycophants who said, “ah, it’s one debate performance”. That’s not the way aging works, you simply have less in the tank and your synapses do not fire as well as they did at 30 or even 70.


Yes, age has many benefits. Yes, we were all hoping he could do another term. Yes, he has done a good job in his four years. But,  yes, it is time for him to get out of politics and enjoy his amazing career maybe by a lake with Jill clacking away writing her husband’s memoir on an old Royal typewriter.


You did good Joe, thank you for your 50 years of service.


But now it’s time to look to Gavin and Gretchen or any of the other proven potential candidates who have been waiting for this hurricane of hate to blow itself out. The easy path was to support J’Biden while waiting for 2028 but the easy path will perpetuate the hurricane and America deserves and needs better.


I know being a team player is important and supporting people like J’Biden is important but you two are also the strongest people on deck and the best equipped to send Trump packing and finally put the lid back on the sewer. I think a Newsom/Whitmer ticket would be strongest but a Whitmer/Newsom ticket would also work well.


Democracy needs to work better. We need change and youth and fresh eyes and leadership that represents us. Yes, Gavin is elite and eats at the French Laundry and owns two wineries and a hotel at in Tahoe (he is an actual successful businessman) but he is a very good politician and he has done good things for California (of course he can do more but can’t we all?).  Plus, he bounces back from bad decisions (Kinberly Guilfoyle) by making good ones (Jennifer Siebel).


And Gretchen, you are fighting and winning a second civil war up in Michigan, it’s the perfect training ground for what America needs.


Both of your democratic scorecards are solid. Take care of people, the earth, and the economy and you’ve done pretty well as governors of your states but I implore you, the time is now to take it national.


And you both are solid on your distain for the bully baby who has erected a hate dome over much of the America. You would have killed in the debate, pointing out the lies, actually answering the questions (because you have real policy answers not golf metaphors), and providing hope instead of fear.


But will it happen? I’m putting the odds at about 50% simply because change is difficult and I’m convinced that we have become soft in our assertiveness. Why else would we allow a toxic and criminal presence to stick around as long as he has.


And I don’t mean to be alarmist but not having a strong leader with vision in America is bad for everyone.  The world is a little chaotic right now because, well, that’s how humans behave and the more we promote divisiveness and anger and hate, the worse things will get.


I have been a high school teacher and coach in a little town in northern California for 25 years, one of my many mantras is that “change is the one constant in life” because I never know exactly what is going to walk through my door in the Fall. Sure, I have my greatest hits which I employ throughout the year but I know that to keep teaching interesting and engaging I have to try to stay interesting and engaged.

Could I show 180 days of videos? Could I use AI and the hundreds of educational websites to create daily assignments which meet the standards but put students to sleep? Could I focus on the destination and not the journey (just tell me what I need to do to get a D)? Sure, but I strongly believe that part of my job is innovation and that engagement is primary to learning.


Are you engaged with the two leaders from the debate? Maybe in a “car crash” kinda way but not in a “Wow, I’m inspired to do better” kind of way.


Do you think life and learning are the same as 25 or even 50 years ago? Uh, not at all and the heavy hitters making decisions need to reflect that. More empathy, competence with technology, vision, and the ability to look at politics, education, incarceration, homelessness, immigration, climate change and other issues with fresh eyes and ideas.


When one of my players shanks a drive on the first tee, do I pull her from the match? No, I nervously hope that her next shot will be better and I make a note to show her during practice how to keep her head down during her swing. I have this luxury because my players are in high school and the stakes are low.


But if a player shanks every drive, then tantrums and breaks all of her clubs then the conversation at practice is a very different one. Like, maybe it’s time to try tennis.


Smart people evolve. Smart people evaluate and make long term decisions based on those evaluations. Smart people pay attention and listen. The debate was a crystal clear sign that it’s time to evolve.


Like today, like now, like forward this or write your own letter to Gavin and Gretchen ( and and help Democracy get back on track.


Or keep swimming in the giant pool of governmental dysfunction where wars rage on, hammers cost $436., leaders are rewarded for instilling chaos and the world slowly dies.


Time to do your job America.





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