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Preach less, Smile more (Wait, that’s kinda preachy)

Rainbows and Flowers   Congratulations Sonoma for making the back of this week’s New York Times Sunday travel section. It’s a great profile of some of our most treasured sites and peeps (Chateau St Jean, Gun Bun, Paradise Ridge, Rachel Hundley, Tips Roadside, Jared Childress, Sugarloaf, Glen Ellen Star). The [...]

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Oprah and Bernie and Kamala Oh My

KBDB   We were all young And we knew little Cause we were growing   Some of us tried and some didn’t Some failed and some didn’t Some grew and some didn’t   And the world kept spinning So we continued to grow And we made mistakes And we learned [...]

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Unicorn Blood Karaoke

It’s the summer of following my new “do stuff” mantra and it has landed me in the karaoke pit at 3 am on a Friday night (actually Saturday morning). Not a big fan of karaoke, in fact I have never sung karaoke till tonight but I am a fan of [...]

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40 bucks and a win

  I’m not usually a group text person but when I learned that I was not allowed to sit in on my two mentees senior project presentations, I decided to send a quick note of encouragement to the students:   “Own the room, look them in the eye, be confident. [...]

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Marching blindly toward the beezle-nut oil

Cause you can’t close the door when the walls cave in.   Just spent another art class debating abortion and by debating I mean listening to two passionate students completely ignore each other’s points as they pontificate from their bubbles. When did we become so angry? When did we stop [...]

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Winnie Harlow saves the world

Donald Trump will lose because of the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.   Crazy? Maybe, but if you have seen the issue (which I forced myself to look at for this story) you will be happy to see more than scantily clad models, you will see athletes and hijabs and [...]

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SDC Health and Happiness Center

Dear Gavin,   Just a quick note about the immigration debacle currently playing out with our drama king leader. I suggest it is time to move past the rhetoric and games and start helping people in need, I know this is a big part of your playbook and if you [...]

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The kids are all right

https://www.facebook.com/sonomafilmfestival/videos/395142994396318/UzpfSTEwMDAwMjAxMDkyNjYyMToyMDc3NDQ1OTMyMzMyNDE3/   Drugs and screens and guns and increasing estrogen levels and politics and environmental issues and Moma and social media and apathy and racism and depression and bullying and on and on and on. Growing up in 2019 is tough but really, is it any tougher than any other [...]

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USA Namaste: Walt’s New World Order

    Somewhere around Garurasana, the Eagle Pose the idea starts to take flight (see how I did that). Know yoga know peace, no yoga, no peace. Bikrim is empowering me as it always does: http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2017/07/22/namaste/.It calms my mind, it makes me go deep, it makes me decide to run for [...]

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Celebrate your orangeness

It’s 8:30 Friday morning the 15th of February and I’m working on my putting in the Creekside middle room. There are no students because this is day three of SVUSD Professional Development and I am theoretically going to be presenting, “Connecting Education to Life: Using Thematic Units, Cross Curricular Planning, [...]

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