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Day 5 Homeostasis

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 5   Sorry, the Index Tribune sports editor wanted me to write a coaches perspective on the Tennis season so I spent the day worrying about it and doing nothing productive until giving blood at 2:45 which is the real story of day 5. Man,” am I [...]

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Day 4: Just read

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 4   Packjack and I were supposed to be skiing today. Floating down the slopes in Tahoe, getting powfaced in the three feet of fresh, humming “The Road to Shamballa”, not a care in the world. Instead I’m storing my ski stuff in the attic and cracking [...]

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Day 3 Shelter and Plan

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 3   The days get later and that’s OK. I mean, really, what is there to wake up for? Can I just sleep until August, a virus induced sleeping beauty type situation?   Not possible although if you are medicating, feeling crappy and not making plans it’s [...]

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Day 2: Bigger Issues

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 2   The pattern is already emerging.   Wake up late; help Kate prep for work that means reading SF Gate and the NY Times on my laptop in bed while throwing out local story ideas.   “Change Go Do Now to Stay Home Now”   “Tell me [...]

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Coronavirus 101: Quibi less, garden more

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL   Well this is happening. Today is Monday, the first day of Spring Break and instead of the normal joy, elation and freedom it’s a morning of preparation, fear and uncertainty.   We are not good with uncertainty, we want to know what tomorrow will bring but with [...]

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BANKSY Exits SIFF 2020

  Kev-o,   Thanks so much for the offer but it looks like I will be unable to leave Europe to attend SIFF 2020. My plans to turn the plaza horseshoe palm tree into a giant grape flavored tootsie roll pop, stencil “What is ART?” in 10 foot letters across [...]

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Preparing for the big test

Bernie best represents me; his vision is closest to my own. I see the need for revolution on the daily and Bernie gets that, plus his “Not me, us” philosophy will serve us well in these days of hate and polarization. I mean, isn’t that the way politics works? One [...]

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Know Your Monster

It’s all about the haircut.   I saw Nic Sheff eight years ago at a book reading in Marin and he looked just like one of my students. Straggly long black hair, old kinda dirty jeans, Kurt Cobain sweater two sizes too big with thumbholes so he could pull the [...]

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Get unbent

The net post is America.   Just give me a minute, promise; I will bring it all together in the end.   See, we are a little bent right now and yes that we includes me, you, Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Pelosi, and all Americans. Bent but not broken… yet. The [...]

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Plan to exit the Hype House

It’s Friday January 3 and I’m in my classroom planning for second semester. This is the toughest part of my job and I really am not happy with the results from last semester, which makes it even harder. In a normal year the second semester is already planned for but [...]

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