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Waiting For Robin Hood

Do you love democracy? Of course, you do, otherwise you would live in Saudi Arabia or North Korea or China. It makes sense that the people make the rules, that we elect our leaders, that we prioritize things by which things people feel strongest about.   Are there frustrations? Of [...]

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Day 365 The end.

A year later.   Well, that was something, and what a neat way to end the countdown, exactly one year ago it was Spring Break and I was planning a ski trip, midway through the boys tennis season, sad that SIFF 2020 was postponed and preparing for the final spring [...]

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Day 356 COVID Report Card

    I’m not a huge fan of data or report cards. When UC Santa Cruz bagged traditional grades and went with teacher evaluations, I applauded. When they went back to grades in 2001, I understood the reasons but it’s kind of like America adopting the metric system. A better [...]

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Day 352 Pandemic Golf

Pandemic golf is not like regular golf (no bunkers because you can’t rake the sand traps, masks and social distancing, no sharing clubs or balls or scorecards). But luckily, it’s also a lot like regular golf. Fun, healthy, relaxing, just what we need right about now.   I rush from [...]

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Day 339 Ambiguous Loss

I am the solution.   Yeah, I said it out loud and it’s time you started saying it too. Be the solution, get all Chevy Chase from Caddyshack, “Be the ball Danny, see the ball…” what do you want, it’s golf season in the year of Koyannisqatsi.   Ambiguous Loss [...]

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Day 322 Dear Governor

Gav-o,   It’s the second week of February and I need your help. First to get back in the classroom or on the playing field I and my fellow coaches and teachers need vaccinations now, like pick up the Bat phone and call Sonoma Hospital today and tell them you [...]

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Day 310 Dance

      Disco baby.   It’s time, cause no one can be sad listening to the Ohio Players sing “Love Rollercoaster” while performing those sweet dance moves learned at Charlie Tuna’s Sunday night teen night circa 1979. Plus, the moves have now evolved through The Clash, Grateful Dead, and [...]

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Day 296 70 million questions

Change is tough, evolution is tough. We crave comfort and symmetry, knowing that things will be as we want them to be, as our parents said they would be.   Education is a great example. The pandemic has made us question how to reset the playing field. Do grades matter? [...]

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Day 294 RIP Bob

There's never an easy way to pay tribute to someone who passes way before their time. Ethan Cohen wrote this yesterday, much more powerful than I could ever write: Sophomore year of high school, Mr. Midgley was my football coach. I was a 15 year old drunk idiot who thought [...]

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Day 290 NOW!

Koyaansiqatsi   From December 2, 2016 “Donald Trump is a flaming shit bag. No, not because of the reasons you’re thinking (I can hear my editor now, “Sure, Walt, good luck trying to write your way out of calling the president a flaming shit bag.”) but because he is a [...]

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