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Day 29 Dream On

WHAT IT IS - TEACHING IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS By Creekside High Teacher Walt Williams It's Thursday the 16 of April and I’ve been looking forward to the boy’s tennis match with Napa all season. My lineup is set, the boys are looking strong this year and we have [...]

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Day 25 Luis Esteva

  “The high school experience of the class of 2020 has been quite the unique one. In our sophomore year, we helplessly watched as the orange glow of fires creeped up the ridges of the hills surrounding our homes. During junior year, the normally clean, fresh, air was thick with [...]

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Day 22 Cheeto Dust

Day 22 Do or Do not   Are you doing it all? Writing the Great American Novel in between your four hour workout and your gourmet cooking classes with Antoni Porowski plus developing and implementing enriching curriculum for your homeschooling children while killing it remotely at work and completing those [...]

By | April 8th, 2020|1 Comment

Day 16 Help

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 16   I’m just really not that interesting. I mean, right, we all have to realize it sometime. For me it was getting on Facebook and looking at all the posts that seemed even more self-absorbed than usual then looking at last weeks blog posts and realizing, [...]

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Day 7 School planning

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 7   Monday evening I was passing the 76 station on Broadway when it hit me: This is exactly what education needs! And yes, I’m joking superintendent Shields, but hear me out, there is a point.   Individualized learning plans, huge parent and community involvement, teachers as [...]

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Day 6 Come together

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 6   The most important event of the week happened Friday in the parking lot of the Community Center outside the line for donating blood.   I was surprised a week previous when Vitalant’s email arrived announcing an upcoming blood drive. My wife and I were sheltering [...]

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Day 5 Homeostasis

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 5   Sorry, the Index Tribune sports editor wanted me to write a coaches perspective on the Tennis season so I spent the day worrying about it and doing nothing productive until giving blood at 2:45 which is the real story of day 5. Man,” am I [...]

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Day 4: Just read

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 4   Packjack and I were supposed to be skiing today. Floating down the slopes in Tahoe, getting powfaced in the three feet of fresh, humming “The Road to Shamballa”, not a care in the world. Instead I’m storing my ski stuff in the attic and cracking [...]

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Day 3 Shelter and Plan

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 3   The days get later and that’s OK. I mean, really, what is there to wake up for? Can I just sleep until August, a virus induced sleeping beauty type situation?   Not possible although if you are medicating, feeling crappy and not making plans it’s [...]

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Day 2: Bigger Issues

CORONAVIRUS SURVIVAL Day 2   The pattern is already emerging.   Wake up late; help Kate prep for work that means reading SF Gate and the NY Times on my laptop in bed while throwing out local story ideas.   “Change Go Do Now to Stay Home Now”   “Tell me [...]

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