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Day 221 IXL UXL

Why wreck shop?   The third bombing was the worst. As if this job isn’t tough enough, I had some outsider use our school counselor’s name to join my Thursday Geometry Zoom class. The counselor coming into class is not an unusual thing as she enters and puts in the [...]

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Day 213 VOTE

You get it.   The key is knowing your authentic self. This is priority one when voting, knowing how you will spend your 81.5 years on this little green ball. What are your priorities from the time you get up optimistic and fresh in the morning to when you lay [...]

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Day 204 The Umbrella

  Brecklin or The Fly   A lifetime ago (2009) I got to “interview” Bruce Willis during the Sonoma International Film Festival. I envisioned a 1:1 sit down at Ramekins and prepared a series of deep questions about a variety of deep topics. Fortunately, I knew that the power of [...]

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Day 192 Civility

You wake up with that minor sore throat, the one you don’t worry about as it usually burns itself off after a cup of strong coffee. Could it be COVID? Naw, probably just the smoke, you check the air quality, 356 this morning, very hazardous.   Classes are cancelled so [...]

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Day 187 Gratitude

It’s recommendation season and you should sit down right now, carve out 30 minutes from your busy day of deflecting fake news and worrying about well, everything, and write one.   “But why Walt? I don’t work with any student applying for colleges.” You may ask.   Well, two reasons, [...]

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Day 177 Anxiety

Are you feeling it every day? Of course, you are, no matter how old or how rich or how devoted or how strong, you are anxious, I am anxious, we are all anxious.   This came in my inbox yesterday from Delaney Rustin MD, the creator of Screenagers, “Focusing on [...]

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Day 165 We the people

We the people of the United States,   All the people, all the colors, all the genders, all the political ideations.    in order to form a more perfect Union,   I’m a little pissed that I have to teach to an empty classroom, that my students are sitting behind [...]

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Day 157 California Educator

I am a California Educator.   The morning tech fear is slowly subsiding. My principal just spent 10 minutes getting my Google Calendar synched with the other teacher’s calendars. It was an easy fix for her but something I had been trying to do for three days. Teachers, like parents, [...]

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Day 147 Instill a love of learning

It’s Monday the day after the “film festival”. Usually I spend the morning by myself wrestling SONOMAWOOD from its spot on the horseshoe to its resting place next to my art room. Usually this happens in March. Usually is no longer. Students help build and install the 10-foot letters but [...]

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Day 139 Rocky

It’s time.   Remember Rocky? Not the 1.6 billion dollar franchise or the later career of Sly Stallone who I heard is coming out with a new movie this fall where he fights a powerful white supremacist leader who is secretly planning to take over the world with Russia’s help. [...]

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