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Walt Williams does not represent all teachers or coaches or husbands or fathers. He has opinions but they are his own. He started writing this blog years ago because he had something to say, he's not so sure anymore. He has never had an editor (not too surprising if you've read his stuff) and he is entering the final quarter of life wanting nothing more than future generations to be able to see and appreciate the miracle of being alive.

Fear death more

Health matters in 2022   The Verano hill is my COVID test.   I pull over at the Ray Carrillo memorial gold wheelbarrow and dig my balaclava out of my backpack because my nose is cold (Raynaud’s disease according to my internet medical degree) and I’ve learned that if I’m [...]

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Christmas morning

Christmas morning is magic. When you wake up tomorrow, whatever the circumstances, know that you are amazingly lucky to be who you are, have what you have and live like you live.   Know that the rain is not a frustration to be dealt with but a gift from an [...]

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Do stuff and be present

  Think of me as the waiter from Monty Python’s philosophy scene in “The Meaning of Life” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa0bCzwSNA0.   Would you care for something to talk about?   First, let’s go with the loaded stuff and how we can converse this holiday without offending.   Hah! Just kidding, there’s no [...]

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Real Time

May 2022 on the set of Real Time with Bill Maher   “He’s a teacher from a small town in Northern California and his new book is causing some upset in education circles mostly for it’s raw view of what goes on in classrooms but also for his radical prescription [...]

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Evolution, it’s a thing

Evolution is always a tough unit to teach in Biology. Course, it shouldn’t be, just talk about fossils and Darwin and relative dating and show the Kahn Academy video, “Evolution, it’s a thing”, assess the kids for understanding and call it a day. This year I went deeper because I [...]

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The new cigarette

Facebook is the new cigarette, social media is the new cigarette, the oil industry is the new cigarette, the plastic industry is the new cigarette.   Remember cigarettes, delicious and recommended in the 60’s by 4 out of 5 doctors, a natural tobacco product grown from the earth able to [...]

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Fill your Tank

Are you adapting? Have you realized that the new normal will be a little difficult because change is difficult? Or maybe not, maybe your life balance is just fine and you think the snowflakes need to just stop whining and put on their big boy pants.   It’s a beautiful [...]

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Want to know just how off the rails things have gotten, there’s an organized and sanctioned rally in Washington this weekend called, “Justice for J6” put on by people who apparently think the fallout from January 6 was too harsh.   It was not harsh enough in my book. If [...]

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    9/11 changed us. I mean, duh, you know all the historical stuff like Homeland Security and The Taliban and Bin Laden and The War on Terror and even Freedom Fries but the real change came the day after.   On 9/12 we decided to get back up. If [...]

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Week 1: Speculas and Shredded Phones

Whew, what a difference a week makes.   Are you back on the hamster wheel? Have you returned to work and thought there would be no problem going from 0 to 60 and resuming the frantic pace of our frantic lifestyles? I have and I have some stories to share. [...]

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