Pride in Your Learning Environment

I've invited you to fill out a form: SVUSD Budget Reduction Suggestions Use the Google Form below to submit your ideas for reducing the district’s current budget obligations.   Dear SVUSD,   I’ve kinda been waiting 18 years for this request; glad it finally landed in my inbox. A three [...]

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Getting woke in the wine country, RIP Steph

    We are all one drunk driver away from the big end.   Cruising back from Chico on I-80 on a Saturday night and this is what’s going through my head as cars whizz around me. It’s been a wonderful holiday, just left a quick fly-fishing session in Chico [...]

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357 Million Guns

    Remember cigarettes? In the late 60’s 4 out of 5 doctors recommended Camel cigarettes. Everybody smoked, even 18 years ago when I started teaching in this classroom we would allow students to head out to the girls softball field for an 11:00 smoke break. If we didn’t many [...]

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A post-fire story: The last ram on the hill

Here is a fire story you won’t see on the news. It is a blameless tragedy really, as many of the fire stories are, but it is one worth telling because it says something about how we treat animals and maybe how we treat each other. Thursday at 3:30 I’m [...]

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Evolution and #MeToo

    What if this is the beginning of the end of gender bias? What if we learn from Weinstein and O’Rilley and Allen and, of yes that guy who is astonishingly still the leader of the free world, that dominating women in any form is wrong. What if this [...]

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Shake the funk

Halloween 2017   I was going to go with Carl Spackler, Bill Murray’s gardener character from Caddyshack, but then realized that a dirty T-shirt, rolled up khakis, work boots, a hose wrapped around my shoulder and my son’s camo bucket hat might be a little cold for a day in [...]

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Sonoma County wildfires: You just want to put your favorite pair of socks on

Sonoma Valley High School, Tuesday October 10, day 2 of the fires. (Walt Williams) Perspectives 2 8:11 am Monday morning 10/16. You can’t waste time in the morning. No power, no internet, no hour pouring over the New York Times and SF Gate and your two email accounts [...]

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Stay Safe Sonoma

Perspective 1   Everyone has a story, some way more tragic than others but the story that keeps repeating itself is how amazing the community response has been to the fires.   Our humanness always wins. We are more similar than different and when tragedy strikes, labels go away.   [...]

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Love what you do, do what you love

“You want two SONOMAWOOD signs this year? Sure, no problem”   I’m sitting in the pre-pre Sonoma International Film Festival 2018 project meeting when Chey Woerz explains that they would like a second sign in the grass behind SIFF Village, “As a backdrop and photo opportunity.” He explains.   I [...]

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Free-Range Chickens in a Micromanaged world

  The Zuck had to retire his Facebook motto of, “move fast and break things” in 2014 but the ethic is still alive and well and encouraged in the tech world. Thinking independently works well unless you develop “moral disengagement” (rationalizing behavior at odds with your own principles, often resulting [...]

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