Environmental Karma

This is how environmental karma works (no need to Google the term, I just made it up). Thanks to my ADD and white trash camp neighbors I am singing Kanye’s “Gold Digger” and wondering if it promotes racism as I jump rock to rock up the Stanislaus River. It’s a [...]

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Change is growth, hopefully

  It’s August which means in two short weeks it all begins again. There’s more than a new sheriff in town and his name is not Reggie Hammond.  A quick list of some of the changes (with a little opinion thrown in cause, well, would you expect anything else?):   [...]

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Life is a Thai cave

    You finally were able to clear the archeological site at your house. Everyone has one, the closet or attic or garage that is the catch all whenever you get tired of that pile of stuff too important to throw away but not important enough to be left in [...]

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Immigration and the new normal

Kinda hating the new normal. Are you feeling it? Remember way back in 2016 when crazy summer politics meant Brexit?  Pokémon Go was everywhere and we were distracted by whether Zika virus carrying mosquitos were going to ruin the Rio Olympics. We had carefree summer goals like reading “The Girls” [...]

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Sonoma Summer, The Zen of Deer Buttholes

The Sycamore trees remind me of growing up in Modesto. A baby ladybug lands on my neck and I let it crawl around the keyboard of my MAC like it’s in a giant labyrinth. Strangers share the table and offer me some of their lunch. Moms with strollers walk by [...]

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Get to the dump while you still can

Damn you Anthony Bourdain. Death is one thing, inevitable, unavoidable, the only thing we all have in common but self-inflicted death is quite another. And at 61, when your career and health seem OK, WTF?   You were that guy we turned to whenever we needed a mini-staycation. Can’t think [...]

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The 23% Revolution

The diaper T-shirts have improved my professional confidence by 23%. These blog posts have improved my writing mojo by 23%. Dropping booze brain has given me 23% more time. Coaching sports has led to a 23% increase in work satisfaction.   Are you getting where I’m going with this? Or [...]

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Pain? What Pain?

The surprise manscaping was a nice bonus.   I wasn’t 100% in the morning but there are many mornings that I am not 100%. Could have been the birthday weekend with the boys in Squaw Valley, could have been the snowboarding fall on Sunday which had me thinking maybe it’s [...]

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Winner winner chicken dinner

A very strange and rain-soaked tennis season ended with the SVHS boys winning, well, everything, and I gotta tell you, I kinda like it. http://www.sonomanews.com/sports/8278981-181/sonoma-takes-scl-singles-doubles?artslide=10   Sure it’s about the journey and all that crap but really, it feels good to win. I walked around the plaza the other day [...]

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Everything was a new idea once

“Walk out of a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value. It is not rude to leave, it is rude to make someone stay and waste their time.”  Elon Musk has it right; I wish others felt the same way. I’m [...]

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