Love conquers all

    There are powerful moments in the life of a teacher; last Friday was one of them…   "Who gives this bride to be married today?"   I was nervous as hell. A favorite ex-student had asked me six months ago if I would marry he and his girlfriend, [...]

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Greta Thunberg is watching you

Sam and I were combing through Maxwell Park when the text came through. Mary had been found after wandering into private property and falling into a ditch, she was dehydrated but OK.   It was Sunday, my one day off after a stellar wine tour on Saturday, and my wife [...]

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Putting the lid back on the sewer

It’s a super hot Tuesday afternoon and I’m racing around Chardonnay golf course like my golf cart is one of those little Go-Karts from Scandia Raceway. I’m giddy, like a weight has been lifted, not because of the stellar performance of my girl’s golf team but because of the text [...]

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A most awesome district

      Usually I write funny little stories about how to prepare better for the school year: http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2018/08/04/change-growth-hopefully/but this year we’re a couple of weeks in and already I’m in desperate need of a recalibration of my personal homeostasis.   Am I getting old? Yes. Have I taken on [...]

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There are Monday mornings when you just have to hit, “New Blank Word Document” and start fresh. Throw out all that old cynicism and hate and retool the philosophy cause THIS AIN’T WORKING! We are numb. Suffering from an American entitlement that says that if we work hard and do [...]

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Living the Big Life

It’s SVMA camp time and I’m rethinking the triptych Nick Brandt SONOMAWOOD recycling project. It’s three one foot square panels of luan plywood cut from last year’s letters of the SONOMAWOOD sign and hinged together. Students paint a local habitat with one of the many local endangered species. The kids [...]

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Preach less, Smile more (Wait, that’s kinda preachy)

Rainbows and Flowers   Congratulations Sonoma for making the back of this week’s New York Times Sunday travel section. It’s a great profile of some of our most treasured sites and peeps (Chateau St Jean, Gun Bun, Paradise Ridge, Rachel Hundley, Tips Roadside, Jared Childress, Sugarloaf, Glen Ellen Star). The [...]

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Oprah and Bernie and Kamala Oh My

KBDB   We were all young And we knew little Cause we were growing   Some of us tried and some didn’t Some failed and some didn’t Some grew and some didn’t   And the world kept spinning So we continued to grow And we made mistakes And we learned [...]

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Unicorn Blood Karaoke

It’s the summer of following my new “do stuff” mantra and it has landed me in the karaoke pit at 3 am on a Friday night (actually Saturday morning). Not a big fan of karaoke, in fact I have never sung karaoke till tonight but I am a fan of [...]

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40 bucks and a win

  I’m not usually a group text person but when I learned that I was not allowed to sit in on my two mentees senior project presentations, I decided to send a quick note of encouragement to the students:   “Own the room, look them in the eye, be confident. [...]

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