Life is an adventure. Live accordingly – I am heading to Austria

The ants, I vividly still remember the ants. My buddies had taken their shirts off thinking that would improve the chances of me going into shock. 11:00 at night and the four of them were propping me up on an ant-filled grassy knoll in Salzburg Austria. We had just left [...]

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Arming teachers or not

The turret was a little much but why not? The NRA and department of defense had already funded glock 19s for each teacher plus AKs for the school entrance and principals office but I wanted to be really extra safe so I installed the turret. There is an elevator in [...]

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Grab the Pitchforks and Storm the Castle Walls

  What if the government shuts down and nobody notices? What if it’s all smoke and mirrors run by a secret group of five rich white guys who meet once a month and decide things like what the stock market will do, the price of bitcoin, and funding for wars [...]

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Down Goes Frasier

“Down goes Frasier.”   This is a favorite line of my brother in law who admittedly suffers from OCMAD (Obsessive-Compulsive-Muhammad-Ali-Disorder). It is also unfortunately, the one thing I am thinking as I grab at the stall door pulling myself up from the cold tile floor of the boy’s bathroom.   [...]

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Pocket Points and Kinship in the New Year

    It’s day four of the Uniqlo Dry Stretch Grey Sweatpants and I’m feeling pretty grateful. Yeah four days in the same clothes is kinda gross, but man, are these great pants: thick but not baggy, no branding, fitted cuffs, zippered pockets, I was underwhelmed when Tuck bought them [...]

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E-Money is so money

  Wanna put the fun back in the holidays? Sure Tax plans and North Korea and Trump and today’s government shutdown are important but no where near as important as what is happening tonight at Burgers and Vine at 10:00.   “That kid who used to rap at the homecoming [...]

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Walk the walk

    Popular, outcast, nerds, Hispanics, Caucasians, confident, nervous, geeks, winners: look at the girls in the photo. They are the picture of diversity; they are exactly what high school should be about. Strangers at the beginning of the season, friends at the end. Overcoming obstacles together, unified in a [...]

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Pride in Your Learning Environment

I've invited you to fill out a form: SVUSD Budget Reduction Suggestions Use the Google Form below to submit your ideas for reducing the district’s current budget obligations.   Dear SVUSD,   I’ve kinda been waiting 18 years for this request; glad it finally landed in my inbox. A three [...]

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Getting woke in the wine country, RIP Steph

    We are all one drunk driver away from the big end.   Cruising back from Chico on I-80 on a Saturday night and this is what’s going through my head as cars whizz around me. It’s been a wonderful holiday, just left a quick fly-fishing session in Chico [...]

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357 Million Guns

    Remember cigarettes? In the late 60’s 4 out of 5 doctors recommended Camel cigarettes. Everybody smoked, even 18 years ago when I started teaching in this classroom we would allow students to head out to the girls softball field for an 11:00 smoke break. If we didn’t many [...]

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