The Sonoma Acai bowl is the winner. Thick berry smoothie on the bottom, homemade granola, Watmaugh strawberries, banana, blueberries, and some coconut mixture which Kate has created using her magic morning chef skills. Just the ticket for the final Saturday of the summer.   And yes, I know it’s only [...]

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What do you want to know?

7/13 and I’m thinking about KWL.   This is day four of summer school for me and my 11 students this morning are busily working independently or following along on my journey to outline US History Semester 1 Unit 3 on the board.   Summer school is always a challenge [...]

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Plant seeds

My final this semester in Physical Science was to plant seeds.   Like literally, after a four-week unit on sustainability I brought in soil, pots and seeds and had students dig in the dirt (many for the first time). Course, I also had students prepare and present reports on their [...]

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$ 6.4 Billion. in. a. day.   Do you care about money? Sure you do, we all do, maybe not all the time and maybe it’s not the most important thing but like it or not, financial health is almost as important as physical health and mental health. At least [...]

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Enjoy the ride

The journey, not the destination.   Have you taken an olfactory walk down the bike path recently? Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Roses, cut grass, all the smells of Spring after a monster wet winter await you and really what’s more important than recognizing nature? Not much.   And if you’re expecting stories [...]

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SIFF 2023: Connection

A different kind of film festival.   Woke up with the same sign-goes-up-anxiety as I have felt for the last 12 years. Even though there’s only 6 letters in SONOMA, I’m always worried that something might go wrong (students don’t show up, the letters break after drunk tourists try to [...]

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District Unity

Are you following the drama?   Did you attend the school board meeting waving your “John Kelly is a poo poo head” sign? Are you irate that there is talk of closing your fav elementary/middle/charter school? Well guess what, Sonoma Valley Unified is just like America and if we don’t [...]

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See and be seen

I see you.   When I roll across town twice a day on my trusty Schwinn Typhoon cruiser I have two rules, first is to wear the right clothing: balaclava, hoodie, mittens, down jacket, thick socks-no bad weather days just bad clothing choices. And second make eye contact, wave and [...]

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A very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Sonoma peeps! And yes, I am still using that apparently-almost-cancelled phrase because Christmas magic will always be Christmas magic regardless of your religious beliefs or level of wokeness. So, long time no write. At least, long time no write this blog, no real reason, too busy, languishing, nothing [...]

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COVID 1, Me 0

We can only do what we can do.   I walked in to my classroom at 7:30 said good morning to the office manager and she immediately suggested a test.   “You’re not sounding so great Walt.” She said.   And it’s true, I’ve been fighting a sore throat since [...]

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