“Peanut Butter Falcon” Moves Past Ugly

I’m not a movie critic but I am a movie critic. I mean, it’s art right, one man’s “Peanut Butter Falcon” is another man’s “Uncut Gems”. However I am a Sociologist, damnit, and as such I’m a trend watcher and dot connector.   Have you seen both the above movies, [...]

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Lobbing Turds Helps No One

Can we please have a straight talk? I mean, the holidays are coming up, the fires are out, rain is falling, the power is on and we are all still above ground. Everything else can be solved as long as we listen to the great philosopher and ex-Creekside student Warren [...]

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  I’m out of business cards so the kids and I are going by my classroom before we head to Menlo Park, I’ll need plenty of cards because in my mind I will be sitting down with Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies, pitching my new educational environment which he will [...]

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Fighting the right power

Wash the van.   There are three SVHS sports vans, which live beside the tech department and get very dirty because washing them is no one’s direct responsibility. I could complain and blog and tweet and worry about who will wash these vans or I can spend all of 20 [...]

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No Flo, No Bob Ross, No Paris Accord

California is not a third world country.   This is what I was thinking as I headed to Safeway for a 20 pound bag of ice which I used to cool my fridge when the power was out for 5 days (Didn’t work, lost everything). Next I headed to Chevron [...]

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No power to the people

The computer is at 20% and I forgot the charging cord at the house in Boyes where the power has been out since 9:00 Saturday. We do dumb stuff when we’re stressed. Lack of sleep, fear, eating questionable food out of the non-working fridge. It all makes for a giant [...]

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Love conquers all

    There are powerful moments in the life of a teacher; last Friday was one of them…   "Who gives this bride to be married today?"   I was nervous as hell. A favorite ex-student had asked me six months ago if I would marry he and his girlfriend, [...]

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Greta Thunberg is watching you

Sam and I were combing through Maxwell Park when the text came through. Mary had been found after wandering into private property and falling into a ditch, she was dehydrated but OK.   It was Sunday, my one day off after a stellar wine tour on Saturday, and my wife [...]

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Putting the lid back on the sewer

It’s a super hot Tuesday afternoon and I’m racing around Chardonnay golf course like my golf cart is one of those little Go-Karts from Scandia Raceway. I’m giddy, like a weight has been lifted, not because of the stellar performance of my girl’s golf team but because of the text [...]

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A most awesome district

      Usually I write funny little stories about how to prepare better for the school year: http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2018/08/04/change-growth-hopefully/but this year we’re a couple of weeks in and already I’m in desperate need of a recalibration of my personal homeostasis.   Am I getting old? Yes. Have I taken on [...]

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