Jeff Bezos and the three-comma club

  Whew, I’m glad that’s over. Instead of a sober January I did a how–can-I-stop-spinning-in-circles January. I’m better now, didn’t really solve much but that’s OK, at least I’m working toward change.   And today that means a thematic unit about the three-comma club. Why? Why not, Bernie has been [...]

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The Dance of the Party Gnomes

Chapter 1 Morning of the man-boy   What? Where? Who? Why? I wake up on the couch confused and wondering. Morning is usually a good time, carpe diem, I am alive, the world is my oyster, the first day of the rest of my life, all that shit that I have [...]

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The Kardashian nipple vortex

I’m going with January 27 as the day that our president goes full Nixon and finally tires of this failed experiment. Yes, it’s bold and a little optimistic but c’mon, by then the shutdown, Mueller, Congress, the economy, the lawsuits, the taxes, the lying, the racism, the misogyny and the [...]

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The Radical Kinship Butterfly Effect

It’s a radical kinship Christmas. And not just because I am buying all Homeboy Industries swag for friends and family: Hoodies, beanies, books, t-shirts, gift baskets, even a signed lithograph from Shepard Fairey. Stock up at homeboyindustries.org and put a little meaning in the season plus nothing says instant street [...]

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Laugh now, laugh later

My nuts are small this year.   OK, so, yes, I’m trying to achieve a little laughter through shock value in my writing, kinda like my favorite thematic unit about increasing estrogen levels titled, “Plastic is making your penis smaller”. Appropriate? Not a chance. Effective? Maybe.   Of course the [...]

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Uncomfortable? Good.

    “Nothing good comes from being comfortable.”   Alex Honnold said that just before a 3000 foot free solo climb up El Cap in Yosemite. Alex has a tiny Amygdala, which we learn from a brain scan at the beginning of the documentary, “Free Solo”. This means he doesn’t [...]

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There is no wrong when voting except not voting.

      It’s my 18 year-olds first election and we’re going over the fundamentals of voting.   First, think about where you stand on the important issues: gun control, the environment, women’s rights, immigration, the economy, and whatever issues are important to you. Then go through the ballot looking [...]

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Smart Kids Eventually Get it Part 2

OCMD   Are you as tired of it as I am? Tired of the stories, the conversations, the fighting over dispensaries, the people on both sides who justify or vilify? The news reports, the smell, the hopes, the fears, the vape pens, the marijuana-is-the-answer-to-everything people, the marijuana-is-the-end-of-the-world people.   If [...]

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Let your actions display your greatness

Good man, Bad man   It’s not really about Brett Kavanaugh. It’s not really about Clarence Thomas. It’s not even really about president Trump.   It’s about all men and the decisions we make at a young age about how we will treat women during our short stay on this [...]

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Do you ever feel too nice?

    It’s a bluebird Tuesday afternoon on the back nine at the Silverado Country Club in Napa and I’m feeling too nice.   Too nice to my golf team who, because of various excuses, currently consists of three girls playing out of 15 girls on the team.   Too [...]

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