We were all young

And we knew little

Cause we were growing


Some of us tried and some didn’t

Some failed and some didn’t

Some grew and some didn’t


And the world kept spinning

So we continued to grow

And we made mistakes

And we learned or we didn’t

Till the mistakes grew too


But then we learned that the mistakes were growing

But we didn’t care

Cause we were growing

And had other things to worry about


But then the mistakes grew too big to ignore

So we had to care

But some of us still didn’t

And the cares and the not cares didn’t agree


So the problems continued and the anger continued

Till one day we all said enough

Enough ignoring, enough fighting and enough acting like we’re still young and don’t know better.



Obviously, my skills as a poet only rival my skills as a writer that is to say kinda OK but also kinda primitive and kinda bossy-cow-milk-me-now. But let’s not talk about that, it’s Democratic debate time, which means it’s time to dive headfirst into the political excrement pool.


If you are currently feeling anything but revulsion about the bully-baby, Google “Proud Boys” and ask yourself, are these my people? If you are a woman who believes that 17 women are all lying and that the tape of “Grab them by the pussy” is fake news then I am not going to convince you otherwise. If you are anything but a 1% white male and you are still supporting Donald Trump then please, please, please study, question and learn that he is quite simply destroying the world (I have a scary prediction that there will be a well planned pre-election war).


But enough of that, actually way too much of that, let’s talk solutions or rather, which Democrat will save the world. Confused about the 23 candidates? Don’t be, the number is actually much smaller.


To me, after the first debate, it’s incredible to see the collection of smart progressive people but its time to thin the herd.  It’s time to prune the field to maximize the quality of the grapes (OOOhhh nice wine country cliché). I liked Warren and Castro on Wednesday and Harris, Buttigieg, and Bernie on Thursday. However Castro, Buttigieg and Bernie all are fighting unfair bias that, while totally wrong, will prevent them from becoming president (Castro: racism against Latinos, Buttigieg anti-gayism, Bernie-Ageism).


Which leaves Warren and Harris and I believe Kamala is a much better choice and not just because she will give immediate raises to teachers although that helps.  She was the fiercest and most focused in debate one plus she said my favorite line of the two evenings, “America doesn’t want to see a food fight.” She gets it and she is a proven ass kicker.


Course, I’m still rooting for Bernie because when you look at policies of Bernie 2016 you see that they are policies of most democratic candidates 2020 and why not go with the original instead of a copy. Plus all those isms above are terrible reasons to disqualify a candidate.


But here’s the real thing, the Democratic National Convention is a year away and in this political climate it’s kinda like dog years, a whole lot can happen. Trump could get impeached or be proven clinically insane or flee to his private lair deep in the mountains of North Korea.


Plus the candidates might surprise us. Williamson will reveal her secret alien status from the planet Zolphan, Beto will rejoin his punk band, Biden might just get tired of everyone picking on him, Warren will move back to her reservation, Bernie will flee back to Vermont and pout because everyone stole his ideas, Harris will realize America is too dumb to elect her, Mayor Pete will divorce his husband and marry Cory Booker, Klobuchar will retire from politics and design a line of comb/forks, Swallwell, Ryan and Gabbard will form a startup creating a new Facebook that actually unites people, Inslee will join forces with Al Gore and make a new horrific, shocking documentary about climate change which nobody will believe, Castro will leave to fix immigration, De Blasio will go back to New York,  Gillibrand will drop out after people tire of her talking over people, Delaney, Ryan, Hickenlooper, Yang,  Bullock, Bennet, Moulton, and Messam  will all realize their time is not right and fade away or throw a last ditch Hail Mary ($1000./month for every American-Yes please Andrew Yang). Did I forget anyone? Does it matter?


And then there’s my secret dream team of Oprah and Jon Stewart, strong, funny, creative, they check all the boxes however they haven’t returned any of my emails so I’m not holding my breath.

Bottom line is things look pretty good quality wise. The trick now is unity. Which of the candidates can bring everyone together. Remember your issues are important but moving the country forward is even more important (No food fights). Plus most of the candidates agree on many of the issues, which make it easier to choose.


Read the poem again, it could be about guns or schools or prisons or climate change or racism or poverty (it’s art man, interpret it however you want).


Know Better, Do Better.


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