I’m killing it in Russia. Apparently, some of the drug words used in this blog-Finasteride, Ketamine, Viagra, Fentanyl, Sour Diesel (Yes, pot is a drug you stoner) trigger Russian vice sites which led to 300 comments in a language I know very little about. Either that or I have unintentionally discovered the truth about Russia controlling American politics and how they successfully elected our child-puppet-president. Tough to tell.


I’m also killing it in Germany where my friend Marion translates my blogs, after I post them on Facebook, and sends them out to his 126 followers who then post to their 126 followers and, well, you know how all that goes. I am hoping to become the Rodriguez of the blog world.


Where I’m not killing it is in Sonoma. Actually I might be killing it but I have no way of knowing, I assume everything is going smoothly as there are always lots of ads on my blog site and my editor has yet to send the, “We love your writing but it’s just not right for our publication” letter which I have received on more than a few occasions.


And I do get random complements from people around town, a scenario that usually goes like this,


“Walt, I love reading what you wrote.”

“Really, gosh, thanks (self-deprecating smile covering up secret internal conceit). What article did you like?”



But such is life, and since I only recently discovered how to approve comments so that they show up on the Valley Talking blog site, I have spent most of the last year thinking that no one cared enough about what I was writing to comment. The process of approving comments is a pain, and once I’m done writing a thought, I press send and move on because frankly I still don’t give a shit about your Chalupa. http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2016/06/14/blogs-are-for-suckers/


Plus we debate mundane BS ad nauseam and as a result we focus too much on the shiny object while the body dies. The revolution of civility is within our reach waiting for us to stop trolling and hating and start caring.


So, what have we learned in this first year of blogs? Not much really, that’s how life goes, specks of dust in the wind and all that. The rich are still controlling everything and getting richer (except for people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and Richard Branson, there are exceptions). The poor are still working and fighting and getting shot and struggling and medicating. The middle class are still working and hoping and fearing and waiting for that one break which will propel them out of a summer of cleaning toilets and driving wine tour busses (sorry, getting a little too personal there also the toilet I clean is my own cause everyone else in the family is working this summer).


Wanna know about education? I got 14 blogs about that. Interested in completely unbiased insight about the flaming shit bag on the doorstep of America? 8 blogs there. General slice of life stuff? 23 blogs-I am a sociologist remember.


Wondering about life in San Quentin or how to stalk your ex on Facebook or bring back streaking (my favorite blog of the year: http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2016/10/10/just-because/ still makes me laugh out loud when I read it) or hang with Nick Bollettieri, or build a wall which you hope will be a bridge, or how to talk to your kids about drugs. Yep, got all that. Probably won’t change your life but it might make you chuckle and you need to chuckle, you’re getting so serious.


Plus all this gobbledygook that usually spins around in my brain is now out there and people are reading and learning and some are even reacting in a positive way (at least in Russia and Germany). Which is a good thing.


What’s next? No telling, that’s the magic of this story, we get to make it all up again tomorrow. Will Judd Apatow buy the screenplay? Will Gavin Newsom hire me as his head speechwriter? Will Sarah Silverman finally profess her secret love? Will Mick and the boys realize that what they’re missing is an over-opinionated teacher singing backup? Most importantly, will my students put down their phones and prioritize education? Tune in next week.


Oh, and thanks for visiting, if you want to make a comment I promise I’ll approve it.


Guess I do care a little bit about your Chalupa.



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