From December 2, 2016

“Donald Trump is a flaming shit bag. No, not because of the reasons you’re thinking (I can hear my editor now, “Sure, Walt, good luck trying to write your way out of calling the president a flaming shit bag.”) but because he is a giant nuclear blast in the face of a pretty complacent and civilized democracy. Eight years of Obama have kinda lulled us to sleep in the offensiveness department and now someone has left a flaming bag of shit on our doorstep.

No telling if the results will be good or bad, that’s the thing about flaming bags of shit: they could go out on their own, they could get stomped out by the people they are intending to wake up, or they could ignite the whole house on fire. Whatever the result, the flaming shit bag gets your attention.”

It’s not funny any more and it must stop. Today. Impeach, invoke the 25th amendment, prosecute all the people who participated in trying to overthrow the government (there are plenty of pictures). Censure and remove from office all the complicit members of the cult.

Cut out the cancer now so that the body can heal.

Today. Now. Post this or better yet, write your own reasons, you have a voice and you need to use it.

This is not an “orderly transition” this is domestic terrorism.

Do whatever you can. Now. Today. Post and tweet and protest and call your representatives but do not sit and do nothing.

We may not make it until the 20th, the house is on fire.


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