We the people of the United States,


All the people, all the colors, all the genders, all the political ideations.


 in order to form a more perfect Union,


I’m a little pissed that I have to teach to an empty classroom, that my students are sitting behind computer screens for 6 hours per day, that the air is too thick with smoke to enjoy outdoor activities. The union is on fire and far from perfect.


establish justice, insure domestic tranquility.


Having a leader who thinks the path to reelection is through fear and hate is the opposite of what we need now. It is fine to disagree in a democracy but it is also smart to play the long game. What will your grandkids think of this time? Remember domestic tranquility? Yeah, me neither.


provide for the common defense,


Yes, the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms but not the right to shoot those guns at other Americans while driving through cities. Anger + Guns = Death, is anyone surprised at this? Let’s make sure Portland in August is not America in November.


promote the general welfare,


Equity is the big goal in the classroom this year, how about we supersize that to the entire country? I work way too hard to be a fan of giving money away but we need job creation on a level not seen before. Pick an issue, make a plan, work hard to solve the issue. From potholes in front of your house to global warming. We make the problems and we can solve the problems. Or keep scrolling on your phone, wishing someone else would do something.


and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,


The year is 2120, do you care what the world looks like? Are we living in an all-virtual reality? Do elephants still exist? Did the path of hate finally lead to human extinction? If only Bill and Ted’s time travelling phone booth was real…


Do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.


We are at a crossroad. Down because of a virus we were not prepared for and have not handled very well. Let’s take responsibility together. Vote policies, not personalities. Be upset and protest and get into “good trouble” but don’t cause pain.


We the people will get us a lot farther than me the person.











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