Welcome Back Sonoma!


Somewhere in the not-too-distant future


Scene opens with long shot of a wine bus driving into the horseshoe area of the plaza.


Close up of driver (me) talking to clients as he pulls to a stop near the horseshoe fountain.


Driver to camera: “We’re back, and just when you thought you would never get out of the house again, we are fully open for business in the new normal.”


The driver opens the door to the bus and starts greeting people getting off.


First off: Rachel Hundley, Amy Harrington and Logan Harvey, “Pandemic got you down, come to Sonoma where life is just a little more lively.” They give the driver a bottle of wine that he pops open and sets on a table next to the bus.


Next off: Kevin McNeelly and Jody Purdom, “Cause the Film Festival is on July 30-August 2.” Kevin gives passes to the driver who puts them around his neck.


Next off: Jeff Bundschu, Anna Moller-Racke and Deeepak Gulrajani. “The wine is always world-class and the deals are amazing.” They give wine to the driver who puts it on the table; a helper comes over with a flat of wine glasses and opens the bottles.


Next off: Sondra Bernstein, John McReynolds and Kathleen Hill, “And the food is as excellent as ever.” John sets a plate of bruschetta on the table.


Next: Vince Albano with a giant pizza, “No matter what you’re hungry for.”


Next: JM Berry and Sue Albano with guitars slung over their backs. “And the rock and roll scene is primed and ready to please.”


Next: Chris Loxton, Michael Muscardini and Ty Cayton, “But don’t forget about the wine!” More bottles on the tables.


Next: Don Ricard (owner of Platypus Wine Tours), “And please leave the driving to us.”


Next: Hunt Bailey and Adrian Pelechar, “And if you want a little adventure, Segways and bikes can get you around.”


Next: Margie Maynard and Linda Keaton, “Plus the art, never forget about the art.”


Next: Fred Groth, Phil Coturri and Jonah Raskin “And if you don’t like wine, there are plenty of other options.” Jonah flashes a giant spliff and Fred gives the driver a bottle of moonshine.


Next: Jason Walsh, Lorna Sheridan and Kate Williams, “Because we’re really still just a small town.”


Next: EMoney and Notrocious, “Full of some pretty big personalities”


Next: Robert Kamen “Just don’t ask me to read your screenplay.”


Next: Rich Little, Margo Van Staaveren, “But don’t forget the wine.”


Local personalities continue to exit the bus until there are about 40 people drinking wine and hanging out in the horseshoe (The emergency exit in the back of the bus enables this trickery to happen).


The camera pans around to individuals who come up with brilliant and quick reasons why people should come visit Sonoma. Much laughter and JM and Sue are playing their guitars in the background.


Final scene is a drone shot of the group lifting their glasses as the point of view rises above the plaza.


Revel California and Blaine Transue will shoot the video as cheaply as possible, all local Sonoma personalities donate their time and the impact on local tourism is astounding.


I’m thinking a one afternoon shoot in the end of May, just in time for summer.


Will it happen? Who knows but I sent it out to the city players because, why not? Is it the greatest slam-dunk idea? Not so much, there are hurdles to overcome like any idea (social distancing, inventing masks that you can drink wine through), but it was part of a dream I had a few weeks ago and I do think it would provide a benefit to the community.


I also had a citywide graduation parade idea but the city vetoed all parades so that one is off the table at least for now. Turning the SDC into an AmeriCore-like training center has also been percolating in the back of my brain for a while now. http://valleytalking.blogs.sonomanews.com/2019/04/16/sdc-health-and-happiness-center/ Plus I’m pushing hard for Andrew Ryan to become the next SVHS principal.


Time to start thinking outside the box people. Put your ideas out there and see what happens. That idea you wanted to do but haven’t because (insert bad excuse here). Write it down and press send, sure it might fail but that’s how we grow remember. If we have learned one thing in the last couple of months it’s that life is short and also worth seizing every day.


At least people will talk about your ideas and maybe Robert will finally take a look at your screenplay (Not a chance).



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