April 23 2021


Dear Joe,


What a year! Couldn’t have done it without you and your message of unity. Thanks for providing the leadership exactly when we needed it. Because leadership is kinda hard to evaluate until the shit hits the fan and even though you started off slow, you came through like a banshee.


Things were looking bleak a year ago, Coronacraziness was making us nuts, states protesting the precautions, states sheltering, states prioritizing profits over people. And of course, the White House shenanigans are well documented with Trump now serving 20 years for Tax Evasion, Perjury, Obstructing Justice, Fraud and of course that swing he took at you during the debate (nice duck BTW).


Real leaders unite and when you brought together your posse in May of 2020 and then just simply played through and stayed on message for the entire year, it was exactly what the country needed. Increasing testing for all Americans before the country reopened was the obvious solution and now playing the long game by investing in science will hopefully prevent future outbreaks.


Plus choosing Obama as your secretary of state was brilliant, Kamela Harris was the fierce right choice as Vice President, Bill Gates is the perfect rational mind as secretary of health and human services, and how excellent to have Bernie Sanders as treasurer. You made all the right moves because when you have the smartest adults in the room on the team, you win. And in this case America won.


Remember back in May when everyone was lost, scared and poor? You gave us direction. The American infrastructure plan with the two year job corps for recent high school graduates and paid job training for anyone who wanted it really gave America the shot of pride it needed. To be leading the world in sustainable energy and infrastructure innovation only a year later is phenomenal.


It’s funny to think the crisis was what we needed but without it we wouldn’t have understood the evils of wealth distribution and fossil fuels. It took a ruined economy to understand how much of it was a house of cards propped up by the ultimate con man. And when the skies cleared in China and LA we realized that there are better ways to live. Plus science became cool again which is always awesome (Neil Degrass Tyson as secretary of education-brilliant).


So whatever happened in late April to get you to pivot out of the sewer, good job. It was a pivot that will assure your place in history. You not only didn’t get caught up in all the separation noise you listened to the other side and made a plan to get your agenda moving and bring everyone together. You stayed high and the low imploded.


But the work isn’t over which is why I’m writing this letter. We have to take the new unity-for-all message of America global. It’s time to unite the world so that these humanistic ideals are shared. We need to evolve and export togetherness as well as goods. Not only stopping conflict but also stopping the competition mindset, which creates it. Another important post-corona message is that we are all in this together and just like in elementary school we need to share and get along. Bringing back the power to the United Nations and World Health Organization showed that diversity and connectedness are not only good but also vital.


And we’re all behind you Joe, an America united, taking on tasks that seemed impossible a year ago. It was a tough lesson we learned but life starts once you get a little uncomfortable and not being able to hug or connect or live free was just the wake up call we needed.


Let me know if I can help because we are all in this together.


-A grateful American







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