What if this is the beginning of the end of gender bias? What if we learn from Weinstein and O’Rilley and Allen and, of yes that guy who is astonishingly still the leader of the free world, that dominating women in any form is wrong. What if this is the Jo Jo moment for a problem, which has existed since the first caveman hit the first cavewoman over the head, and dragged her back to his cave.


If I never have read about some pig-man masturbating because he had some simple interaction with a woman I will be much happier person. Just reading the m-word attached to someone’s name makes one think of the act which then makes one throw up just a little bit in ones mouth.


Women have all the power and men are pigs, if you didn’t get the memo, please know this is true. This is the talk I had with my daughter and my son when they hit their teen years. A simple idea, as most of my ideas are, based on the biological reality that women make the babies and most men think about making babies about every 15 seconds. Thanks Testosterone!


We all have mothers and if you are lucky you have a wife and if you are really lucky you also have a daughter. Do you want these women to be weak and submissive? My bet is no. So why do so many think of women as secondary to men? Religion? (the burkini? WTF) is always an easy and valid target, Tradition? Also a short sighted and ridiculous reason. Physical strength? Maybe but does that really matter? So why? Why do we have the insanely high rates of sexual assault that we do?


It’s because of the second part to my theory that men are pigs. And yes I am talking about myself. See, I love women, loved my mother, love my wife and love my daughter but I also have those wonderful endorphins flooding my brain every time I interact with a female. I’m just wired this way; it is how the male brain works. Testosterone kicks in, chest puffs out, stupid stuff starts coming out of my mouth because I’m nervous and intimidated, it’s no different than any other animal really.


But it’s what I do next that matters. When “just grab them by the pussy” came out, all the people I talked to were horrified but happy that it would lead to the end of Trump’s campaign. Would you grab your mother? Your daughter? Oh, wait, he answered that one.


When the line was justified as “locker room talk” I thought, “Hmm, is that the locker room for sexual predator a-holes? I wonder what sport they would play?”


To most rational, thinking-because-they-have-a-filter men, this is ludicrous. We love and respect our women and if they choose to love us then great, cue the Barry White. If they don’t, we rationalize it (chemistry is not right, not meant to be, whatever) but we don’t club them over the head and drag them back to the cave.


I hope this means we are evolving as a species. I hope this means that we are finally ready to progress in the gender oppression department but look at statistics about slavery, prostitution, rape, and sexual assault and guess which way we’re headed.


This is step one; this is when we speak out against oppression and marginalization and gender bias. This is when the pigs that use their power to dominate others go to jail. But this is not the end.


The next step is to teach our children that just because biology has wired us differently, we are still equal. That a girl passed out at a party needs help, not to be taken advantage of. That No not only means No but “Get the hell away from me because you respect me as a woman and I do not choose you and you respect that as well.”


I work in the pink jungle that is education, surrounded by beautiful women every day, I have many women friends who I talk and joke with daily but am I ever thinking in the back of my mind, “I really should grab her by the pussy”? No, that would be crazy, right?


It’s time to evolve people.






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